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9 Feng Shui Tips to Add Romance to Your Bedroom

Romance is everywhere. Its on the streets, out at dinner, in the park, and most certainly in the bedroom. Your bedroom is a place of safety, warmth, and, personal romance. Feng Shui is an art and science, balancing energies throughout a space.

You want your bedroom to be relaxing and comforting. However, you also want it to attract romance and increase love. In order to create this positive energy, there are a few tips that you can follow. Add some small details and make minor changes, allowing romance to blossom.

1. Switch Up the Bedding

Focus on colors such as red, white, and pink. These will not only attract romance, but will allow it to grow. These colors attract romance, as they create the feeling of love. If you are separated or divorced, remove any linens that would have been used during your prior relationship. They hold negative energy, which isn’t ideal for new, budding romance.

You should also focus on the extra pillows and stuffed animals that are currently sitting on your bed. You do not want to overdo it with these items, as it gives the message that there is no room for anyone else in your bed.

2. Focus on Lighting

Lighting has a lot to do with the energy of a room. When you are trying to attract love and romance, focus on warm lighting designs. Downlights for instance, improve the yang atmosphere, which promotes romance.

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If you have bed side tables, choose two matching lamps. Two matching objects create better energy than one lonely object. What color are your lampshades? When using decorative shades, choose red, textured pieces. This subtle red adds ambiance.

To increase romantic lighting, burn candles. They create romantic lighting, while producing beautiful, inviting scents. Candles not only provide a healing, warm glow, but they also refine the energy within your bedroom.

3. Create Space

If you are looking for a partner, you need to have room for one. For starters, look at your dresser drawers. Is there any room for a potential partner? If not, clean out a drawer if you are single and looking. You should also clear clutter out of the closet, allowing for new, inviting space.

Creating space for two people is critical within the bedroom. As mentioned above, if there are two bedside tables, purchase two matching lamps. Look throughout your room, are there areas that scream single person? Make sure your space is perfect for two individuals, allowing you to effectively love each other and be comfortable as a pair.

4. Re-Position Your Bed

The position of your bed plays a vital role within the flow of energy. Generally, your bed should be positioned so that you can see your bedroom entrance from where you sleep. However, it should not be directly aligned with the open doorway.

When choosing where to position your bed, keep both sides accessible. For example, do not press your bed directly against the wall. You want both sides of the bed to be easily accessible. Remember, your bed is a central symbol of your union. Make it a nice, comfortable place to be. Also, do not go without making your bed, as an unmade bed is not appealing for romance.

5. Ditch the TV

A TV in your bedroom creates distractions. Your bedroom is a place of rest, love, and relaxation. Constantly watching TV will not only hinder your sleeping patterns, but can disrupt your chi. TV can be watched in the living room, as the bedroom is meant to develop love and passion. Your TV does not need to be a part of that development.

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6. Eliminate Mirrors

Mirrors in the hallways and bathroom are perfectly fine, however, they should stay out of the bedroom. Mirrors can divide couples, creating issues with energy and sleep. A mirror is constantly reflecting images, which makes it an active item.

This relates back to the TV, because even when the TV is not turned on, it is reflecting images. Move mirrors to areas which would benefit from their use, adding to the space. You can also cover mirrors, which will hinder negative energy from reflecting back to you.

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7. Minimize Family Pictures

Although its great to have reminders of your family throughout the house, your bedroom is a very private area. It is meant for you and your partner, so limit the number of photographs that include your friends and family. Increase the number of photographs which include you and your partner. This will allow you to enjoy your partner as you relax within the bedroom.

8. Create Symbols of Love

Love is all around us, so why not incorporate some symbols of love into your bedroom? For example, the concept of pairs is crucial when you want to share your life with someone. The environment that you create for yourself, can dictate the way you live your life (both inside the home and out).

Some symbols of love include hearts, romantic pictures, and any object that is within a pair. For instance, two candles or two pillows on the bed. Get creative with the items you choose, creating a positive space for romance.

9. Avoid Work and Fitness

Your bedroom should not be a place where you go to work, as stress should not be entering your relaxing space. Avoid setting up a work desk in your bedroom, as it will bring too much active energy. You want your room to be passive, as its a place of rest and relaxation.

The same is true for exercise equipment. Too much active energy will hinder the romantic, relaxing energy in which you are trying to create. Work and love simply do not mix, so avoid fitness activates and working within this calming, romantic space.

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