5 Easy Tips to Use Doors as Decorative Tool
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5 Easy Tips to Use Doors as Decorative Tool

Doors can be amazingly versatile with more uses than you can imagine. You may see it simply as an entrance, but that is no reason for not having a bit of fun with it! There are new trends that occur now and then that can really help you change the look of your door. Using a little imagination can give you some unbelievable results.

You can work with any kind of door — wood or glass. In case of glass, just ensure that you source from a reelable glass door accessories manufacturers. Doors can also be moved around and used in different locations. When you are dismantling a door, do not forget that it is a prime piece of wood and must be reprocessed. So, here are a few handy tips that you can use on your door:

Paint Them Bright

Painting your door a bright shade will completely will the look. Some see colours as very important and see it as a reflection of their personality. You should, of course, choose a colour that appeals to you and if it expresses something about your personality, then all the better! The common colours for doors are red, black, white and blue. Here’s a brief rundown on what these colours signify:

  • Red: A bright red front door is usually seen as a mark of an adventurous, bright and warm person. Interestingly, the hue of red can also make a difference. Dark red symbolises willpower and determination, awarmer shade means an earthly appeal, while a bright, bold shade signifies excitement, strength and power. Although, red is often recommended for the front, it is rarely seen in internal doors.
  • White: Seen as a symbol for peace and purity, white is a fairly common choice for both front and interior doors. It can help highlight any colours and its neutral shade goes well with all decor styles, be it stark modern or a classic traditional.
  • Black: As a contrast black is capable of giving any other colour a bit of pop. It is also highly practical, since it does not easily show smudges or a bit of dirt. In its perception, black is seen as mysterious, elegant and classy.
  • Blue: This is a versatile colour that is widely liked. There is a blue for every mood and personality! Hues of blue can again mean different things to different people. A dark blue is seen as elegant and can is usually seen in the front door, since it can camouflage signs of regular use. Light blue is seen as light and easy, making it perfect for interior doors.

Change The Hardware

This is a little tweak, but can bring a while new personality to your door. Look for an interesting hardware to make it different. This could include glass knobs, painted knobs, antique brass handles or sleek zinc handles. The front door will need a but more care. Look for hardware that also combines a lock system. Glass doors will again need some special attention. Luckily, glass door accessories manufacturers today can offer some amazing options.

Use It As Part Of The Furniture

Even an old door has its uses. If it is a wooden door, it has value that hold not be simply thrown away. Instead, you can reuse it as furniture. Let your imagination play and simply reposition it differently. For instance, make it into a table top. You have to move the hardware. You can also use it as a cupboard door. In fact, doors can even become benches or headboards. Just look around and you will find a place to reuse it!

Cut In A Window

This is a more expensive and complicated, but it can completely change the look. You can cut portion of the door and install a stained glass window, not only is it striking, it can also completely transform the look.

Bring In The Light

The other common modern trend is the glass door. This can work especially well in internal doors or when you have a great view to showcase. A glass door brings in the light and gives a room a light and airy effect. It can make a small room much bigger. It is often used in shower stalls to make the bathroom appear spacious. However, a good glass door accessories manufacturers is essential here to ensure that it can withstand the heavily corrosive atmosphere of a bathroom.

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