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5 Style Hacks To Breeze Into Summer

Apart from rising temperatures, the hot and humid season brings in refreshing summer closet. The weekend jaunts and fun-filled beach plans allow you to raise the bar of your fashion quotient and try something new every time. However, looking cool and staying cool are two different aspects of fashion. However, there are ladies who can pull off both the thing at the same time. What is their secret? Have you ever wondered about their style mysteries? They use the regular stuff as you do. All they do is ensemble the attire smartly.

Here are some of the style hacks for summer that can help you stay on-trend without compromising much on the comfort front. Have a look.

1. Mind The Fabric

The fabric is undoubtedly the king, regardless of the season. You can experiment with the personal style and wear whatever you want if you choose the right fabric. Cotton, linen and other natural fibers are the most recommended ones as they allow air circulation. So, ditch the denim this season and go for tencel pants. Contrary to what people think, silk is comfy and stylish option for the hot and humid weather. The shiny, smooth material can stylize your fashion quotient keeping the body breathable.

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2. Choose The Pattern Smartly

Even though, it is said that light shades are the best option to breeze you through summer, this is the season to go bold and bright. The fact can’t be denied that some bright colors absorb heat and light, adding to the body temperature. However, you can strike the right deal by choosing the combination smartly. Use light shades with contrasting dark patterns. This will be both functional and stylish at the same time.

Some of the best combinations trending in 2017 are the youthful green and yellow, subtle pale blue and pink, the ever-green red and blue, as well as the very bright navy and white. These are some of the combinations that will cut down the heat accumulation and shoot up your personal style.

3. Show Some Skin

The very first advice for the scorching heat of Summer is to cover up the skin and protect them from sunburn. However, according to fashionistas, a bit of skin show can add a flair of style even to the most casual appearance. Keep your arms, feet and face away from the direct rays of the sun. The tan in these body parts are stubborn and won’t fade easily. However, you can wear off-shoulders and crop tops with full-sleeves.

Flaunting a bit of skin will help you stay in sync with the trend. The best part is, the dark patches in these areas can be easily hidden.

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4. Go For Loose Fit

It is advisable for the gentlemen to stick to the right fit and well-tailored clothes, however, the ladies have an exemption. In fact, it is said that ‘looser the better’, when it comes to women fashion. The clothes that stick to the body of the wearer is uncomfortable. The flowy maxi dress is an apt option for the season and can keep you cozier than a short.

Avoid wearing skin tight dresses and leave some space for your skin to breathe freely. Even the feet swell during Summer, so, the footwear should be a half or full-size larger than you normally would.

5. Invest On Accessories More Than Clothes

The options available in the clothing section of the ladies are unlimited. However, it is advisable to invest in the accessories more than the attire. The ensemble can effortlessly boost your look if paired in the right way. Here are some of the must-haves of the season.

A) Scarf: The scarf wrapped around your neck can effortlessly take your look to the next level. This timeless piece is never going out of vogue, regardless of the occasion and season. Moreover, it can be a functional piece to protect your face from direct sun rays.

B) Handbag: This speaks for the class of the wearer. Invest wisely into a trendy purse. The satchels of Micheal Kors for formal occasions and sassy purses of Gucci are some of the pieces that can give your style a classic update.

C) Jewelry: The earrings are something that goes without saying for women. Check the material of the ear pieces before wearing them as it may give you blisters. Necklace and Pendants can give you added an advantage, but they are optional as you’ll have a scarf on.

D) Wristwatches: Use watches instead of sticking to the bracelets as it adds a lot of sophistication to the entire looks. The watches with leather belts are ideal option for the season.

E) Sunglasses: This is a staple for summer. Make sure that the shape of the frame matches your face cut. The glasses must offer UV protection along with the much needed style.

Were these points helpful? What are your summer hacks? Share with us in the comments below.

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