Reasons To Switch To An iPhone

6 Reasons To Switch To An iPhone

The iOS vs Android or which is the next operating system debate has been going on since we can remember. And with the countless articles and forums discussing the subject matter, it’s still unclear on which OS is better. However, one thing is for sure: it depends on your personal preference.

There will be people who would switch from Apple to Android and vice versa, but there’s no denying that there are lots of people out there who would rather buy or keep their iPhones than switch to an Android phone.

If you’re one of the people who’s contemplating about making the big switch, here are the top reasons why you should take the leap:

It’s the easiest smartphone to use

iPhone, despite its other flaws (e.g. the infamous “notch” on the iPhone X) remains to be the easiest smartphone to use and has been since 2007. Albeit not everyone’s a fan of their recent changes in software and design, it’s undeniable that the swift OS can be suited for anyone of any age—from your 2-year old nephew to your 75-year old grandmother.

Can Be Used as Projector

Yes, it is possible to use your iPhone as projectors. There are several companies that are manufacturing projectors for iPhone. If you are not sure which one you should buy read these review on 5 best iPhone projectors.

Apple supports more apps

Most of the time if not all, the latest and coolest apps are unveiled first on iOS. Of course, you’ll find apps that are available to Android and not (yet) offered on Apple store and vice versa but almost always, the best and popular apps come to iOs first.

iPhones aren’t full of bloatware

One of the primary factors that holds back people who want to buy or switch to an Android smartphone is the bloatware that comes with getting one. Once you purchase a plan from your carrier or a unit from a store, get ready to see more than a handful of apps and services on your Android device. Unlike the iPhone that now allows you to delete or hide an unwanted app, that’s impossible for Android.

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Resell is higher and easier

If you have an iPhone that is a model from 2 or a year ago, you won’t really have a difficult time putting a price on and selling it. If it’s still relatively recent, good as new, still complete with accessories, and in mint condition, it can hold water very well.

Android phones, especially low-end ones, even when bought with a hefty price tag can be hard to sell especially if it’s performance doesn’t hold up. As mentioned earlier, with it’s bloatware, it can be hard to resell in a higher value. However, if the Android phone is a relatively great model that still has its market, then that shouldn’t give you that much a problem.

iPhones have sleek design

Admit it, Apple makes the most simple yet sleek devices from laptops to smartphones. Even it’s plastic-clothed iPhone 5c is beautifully dressed from top to bottom. To put it simply, one of the top reasons why people go for an iPhone is because of its no-fuss design that doesn’t sacrifice function and longevity.

They’re always up-to-date

Apple releases an updated OS yearly and every user can get their hands on it as long as their unit is compatible. Android users, on the other hand, often need to upgrade their phone to experience the latest Android software or if they’re lucky, get their hands on it several months later after the initial release date.

What are your reasons for having or thinking about buying an iPhone? Share your thoughts with us!

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