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Best Screen Recorder For iOS 9 and 10 You Can Use!

Well, you might be looking for the best screen recorder to record your something on your iOS 9 or 10 devices. Then let me tell you about Vidyo screen recorder app, which is the among the best Screen recorder apps for iOS 9 and 10. Vidyo app is one of the great apps for iOS devices. Vidyo app will let you record the audio for your iOS device, it allows you to tweak output option for resolution upto 1080p and 60fps. Start reading the article to know more about this best Video Screen Recorder app for iOS 9 and 10. Just like we use Pokesnipper 2 for Pokemon Go to make it easy to play, similarly, Vidyo is quite handy for recording screen on iPhones and iPads.

Vidyo is one of the best Screen recorder app which is available for iOS 9 and 10 powered devices, this app comes in the 3rd party app stores with the cost of $4.99, but as many apps, this app seems to be removed soon by the Apple from the Store. Vidyo apps are just eye-catching enabling its users to capture the screen of their iOS device even when they do not use this particular app, and this segment makes sense of capability of recording your home screen including dissimilar apps.

Method to install Vidyo app on iOS 9 and 10:

Note that, using Cydia impactor it is much required to have a computer running MacOS, Windows, or else Linux. So, follow the below instructions to sideload the Vidyo iAP file Utilizing Cydia.

  • Firstly go for downloading the Vidyo iAP file.
  • At the second step, do download the Cydia Impactor.
  • As you have downloaded the Cydia Impactor, compressed the file, remove it and launched the main program.
  • Connect your device to your PC, and do remember your PC is necessary to contain iTunes for functioning the tools.
  • As you have connected, now you can view Cydia Impactor displaying the title of your device on the interface of the app. So, click on the folder which contains Vidyo iAP file, for opening it, drag-drop the file on the interface of the app, and place the file on the desktop or any other file of your PC.
  • Once you drop the files, you will be asked to offer your Apple ID account and password by Cydia Impactor, so use any of the active apple ID for going to the next steps.
  • As the program set off signing the iAP file. You will observe a warning pop-up, so click on the option confirm, to keep following the process. An app icon on the home screen will appear after the Vidyo app is install
  • Now on your iOS device, go to the setting> General> Profile> and device management. Do search the profile corresponding to Vidyo from there.
  • That all, Start using it.

The disadvantage of this Method is that you will require reinstalling the app once in each and every week since Apple offer opportunities for the free developer account for only 7-days. So, it is necessary reinstalling the app with this method. But still I fell that this method is a good method for installing this Screen recorder app on your iOS 9 and 10, so you can obtusely go for it.

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How to utilize Vidyo app for recording iPhone Screen:

Since Vidyo permits you to capture the screen of your device, including the feature for capturing audio and microphone of your device continuously. So from the main screen, you can tweak output options for resolution upto 1080p and 60ps. What is more interesting about this app is, it also brings you an ability to import your own audio files, in addition to recording for the purpose of producing screencasts directly to your Apple device.

Follow the below-given method for Capturing the screen of your device:

  • Firstly, go for checking the box device screens which in on the section of Video source. You got an option to choose where you can go for Device Audio or else Microphone Audio; you can also go with both of them continuously if you will. So, now hit the start button on your device which is placed in the right corner, tap on it and you are done.
  • You would just need to open the control center and select Vidyo as a source of Airplay. To indicate Airplay mirroring you will see the status bar turning in to blue, so it has been activated and the Vidyo will start recording your video in the background. Once you are done with it close Airplay where the video which you have recorded will be saved mechanically in the background of your iOS device.

Is this app harmful to your iOS device:

This app is totally a safe and secure app for use, using it you don’t need to worry about getting affected by malware viruses since it is totally free from viruses. Design with standard tools and good quality that one can look for such kind of Screen recorder app on their iOS 9 or 10. Many of the iOS users firstly think about the safety of their devices as some apps can harm the system of their devices, but using this app you can totally fell safe, where you can put your full attention towards your recording on your screen rather than getting worried about using it.

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Vidyo is really an excellent Screen Recorder app, installing this app on your iOS 9 and 10 will be a great break for you to capture things on the Screen of your device since it provides you with great features which are much easy to perform and friendly interface to its users.

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