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How Does A Carpet Shampooer Work?

Carpets, even though, are difficult to maintain, they are synonymous to luxury and hence opted everywhere. They are in hotels, palaces, homes, on the floor, up on the wall, under the feet, everywhere. And they do look good and inviting!

But it is a nightmare to clean them. Once you take up the responsibility you can’t help cursing yourself for doing so. Just imagine how it would have been for those people who in earlier times used to do all by themselves and that too by hand. You can feel better at this thought and to lighten you up further there is carpet shampooer. They are a boon for all those who manage the cleanliness in small areas and indoors like offices or homes. This is because the large areas like hotels or halls are taken care by bigger machines but such mammoths are useless in small indoor spaces. They make the job easy and quicker than the manual process.

Basic carpet shampooer has built in heater to warms up the mixture of the cleaning agents and water. There are small jets in the machine to discharge the cleansing mixture on the carpet. The agent in the mixture works on the carpet when used by the soft rotary brushes. When these brushes scrub and spread the agent onto the carpet, they lift up the dirt particles from the surface with t5he help of the suction feature provided. It sucks up the excess fluid and the dirt of the surface leaving it a bit damp. That dries off in an hour still there are some which have robust heating elements in them which dries them off as they are getting cleaned.

These home models are popular amongst the people and they many buy them for themselves. They like to own it as they can use it as per their will and do not have to depend for it. But there are services which provide these machines on rent for those who do not need regularly but occasionally for periodic cleaning jobs.

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There are two types prevalent in the commercial category. They are generally meant for complex processes and meant for professionals. These machines are way too sophisticated for regulars and hence need those who have a mastery over them.

  • The Cylindrical Machines

They create foam using an air compressor and apply them on the carpet, and then the carpet is agitated with a revolving cylindrical brush. The difficulty with this process is that dirt piles tend to get trapped. To avoid this, carpet should be thoroughly vacuumed before and after cleaning.

  • The Rotary Shampoo Method

They use the ordinary rotary floor machine, spraying the shampoo onto the carpet with the help of a dispenser, and the brush rotates and whips the detergent to foam.


Cleaning Benefits of a Carpet Shampooer

It is not enough to get the best carpet shampoo, but it is wise to match it up with a good Carpet Shampooer.  To get a highly stable yet lightweight carpet machine can make your cleaning time shorter and the carpet looking much brighter.

The best way to make sure that your carpets are maintained well is to buy a unit so that you can clean the carpet regularly or during emergencies such as spills, especially when children and pets are around.

Why do we need it?  Would not it be enough to just spray on the carpet shampoo and vacuum it later using the traditional vacuum?  Why is there a need for a separate carpet shampoo machine?

One basic rule that you need to remember in cleaning furniture and fixtures at home is that each of them were created with a specific cleaning equipment so it can be regularly maintained properly.

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A Carpet Shampooer is a must-have machine because carpets have a special need that requires a specific way of cleaning it. This unique machine comes in with a built-in water tank, a separate container for the shampoo, heater, rotating brush and buttons which can easily be pressed to release water and shampoo to the carpet.

Investing on one good machine to clean the carpet would not only be convenient but much less expensive in the long run than renting it every now and then.  In the current economic state we are in, it is definitely advisable to purchase one that is best for your needs and not the best out there in the market.

However, if you cannot afford it, there are many supermarkets that are renting out these carpet cleaning equipments. Make sure you maintain a good account with them so you can rent it fast and easy during emergencies.

List down what your carpet needs are and then match it up with the features that can best service that need.  For example, it is better to get a machine with a bigger water tank if you have a large area to clean instead of having to refill it several times.  Better get a lightweight machine for easy maneuvering inside the house, especially if you are not strong enough to handle heavy equipment.

Bacteria and pests love the carpet, and so the more you clean it, the less chance these parasites have in making it their permanent home.

Extending the life of your carpet and improving the healthy environment of your family are the best reasons why there is a need to use carpet cleaning machines.


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