How to Keep your Home Safe and Secure
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Top 8 Security Measures for your Home

People work hard to make their home interiors and exteriors beautiful and forget to set up suitable security measures. Burglars can strike at any time and leave you without those valuable items you’ve worked so hard to purchase. So, the security of your home should be your number one priority.

Ensure your home is secure at night and when away, either on holidays or vacations. Every home entry, such as doors, windows, garage door, should be improved and locked.

How to Keep your Home Secure

1. Keep Valuables Away in a Safe Place.

Thieves take advantage of every opportunity to steal, and in most cases, they ensure they’ve taken any valuable item at their disposal. So, keep your valuables such as jewelry, laptop, and other expensive gadgets away from everyone’s eyes. You may also consider buying a safe to store valuables in.

2. Have a Security System

Make sure your home has a professional security system to assist in-home monitoring and automation. Read more to understand all you need for the best up-to-date home security services. Choose the right security system for your home and ask around for a company that offers pocket-friendly prices.

3. Store Your Keys in a Secure Place

Avoid hiding your keys in familiar places such as under the flower pot, doormat, etc., because burglars know that also. Please do not leave your keys hanging in the door; thieves use the fishing technique to reach them and let themselves inside the house. Most insurers can frustrate you while seeking compensation if there’s no sign of forced entry to prove theft.

4. Modernize Your Locks

Having the standard locks can put you at risk since most burglars are familiar with them and have mastered the art of making spare keys. So, purchase modern locks that are hard to break and ensure they are fitted by a professional.

5. Secure All Windows

It’s common to forget to close your windows when going out or at night. So, ensure they are always locked. Also, fit your windows with double glazing, windows bars, and glass break sensors. Keep checking the condition of your windows and repair faulty locks and broken glasses.

6. Light up the Home’s Exterior and Landscape

Thieves like to operate in dark places. Keep them off by lighting your entire outdoor such as the pathways and backyard. Consider installing motion-activated lights and put them on a timer. It is also advisable to use solar-powered lights to save on energy costs.

7. Clear all Hiding Places

Burglars like to hide and monitor your home before breaking in. If you have bushy shrubs and trees, consider trimming them or cutting others to open up space. Or, you can plant short trees and flowers instead. If possible, do not plant trees near the windows, and if there’s one, make sure such windows are secured enough.

Remove ladders and stools near the windows or fence since thieves can use them to climb up to the windows. Lock in pricey items in a garage and ensure all doors are locked.

8. Have a Password to your Wi-Fi Network

Burglars may access your personal and financial information through an unsecured Wi-Fi network. Avoid connecting your Wi-Fi network with your smart gadgets and security system without precautions such as wireless routers, creating unique passwords, hiding your home network, and enabling Wi-Fi Protected Access.

Securing your home shouldn’t be a complex task. Utilize the above tips and implement each at a time without many pressures. You‘ll be surprised how easy you’ve secured your home without straining your pocket. The knowledge of potential security threats should motivate your to act fast and keep your home safe.

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