Why Do I Dream About My Ex

Why Do I Dream About My Ex – What Does It Mean and How To Stop Them?

I Dream About My Ex! Please tell me why I dream about my ex! was the subject of an email that was sent by a guy telling that he is still dreaming about his ex girlfriend although he did whatever can be done to get over her.

He was wondering why he is still dreaming about her and if there is a way to get her out of his mind, because -as he said- he cannot take a rest from thinking about his ex even when he sleeps!

In this article, I will tell you why you are still dreaming about your ex and so how to stop thinking and even dreaming about her.

Why Do I Dream About My Ex?!!

Well I am not going to get into dreams and dreams interpretation debate, however all you have to know for now is that dreams come from your subconscious mind.

So if you can change the way your subconscious mind sees your ex, then you will not dream about her again.

What you see in your dreams is exactly what you want to do in the real world but you and your subconscious mind know that you cannot do.

For example, you may want to seek revenge of your ex girlfriend, however you do not know how to do it… As a result, you dream about seeking revenge from your ex girlfriend.

Another example when the your ex and the break up in general hurt your ego and self esteem, you try to find a way to prove for yourself that you are still worthy, so you start dreaming about your ex girlfriend coming to you and begging you to get back to her again while you refuse and ask her to get out.

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Another case is when you still miss her and want her back, but you do not know how to do it or you simply feel like it is ALMOST impossible, then you start dreaming about both of you and your ex getting back with each other and living the happy times again.

As you can see, your subconscious mind uses your dreams to do what you cannot do in the real world, but have you noticed the word “ALMOST” in the previous paragraph?!

Almost means that you still have some hope of getting back together. This hope may not be more than 3 or 5% that you still have a chance to get her back, however those 3 or 5% is what makes you still dreaming about your ex.

Why I dream about my Ex

How To Stop Dreaming About Your EX?

If you really want to stop thinking or even dreaming about your ex then do the following:

1. Get Rid of That Small Hope

As I told you, those 3 or 5 % are what makes you sad, because you cannot accept the fact that it is over. If it is over, then it is over and if you think that it is not over yet, then do something about it or try to get her back… If it worked, then good and if not, then it is time to move on.

2. Change Your Beliefs About The Break Up

Do not think of the break up as a sign that you are not worthy and that is why you have been dumped! Instead, be realistic and if you did something wrong to her, then say sorry and avoid doing it with your new woman in the future and stop crying over the past.

3. Focus On The Goal (Your Happiness) Not The Mean (Your Ex)

People unconsciously fall in love with the person they think he/she can bring them happiness. This means that you have fallen in love with your girlfriend just to feel happy, so the goal was to be happy and the tool or the mean was the person which is your girlfriend, so forget about the mean (your ex) and focus on the goal (your happiness).

4. Stop Being Stubborn

Being stubborn can sometimes be good if you utilize it to reach your goals, however when you insist to get her back while you know that you will bring a lot of drama into your life, then this is not good at all. In such a case: ask yourself about what you are trying to prove to yourself!

5. Stop Bargaining

Of course you do not need to me to tell you to stop fantasizing about your ex, going to the same places you used to visit together, or even listen to sad break up songs because if you do one or more of those things, then it is no surprise that you dream about your ex! Just stop this bargaining attitude.

If you woke up one day after dreaming about your ex, then ask yourself about what has happened in your dream, what you want to do in the real world, and if it can be really done.

If it can be done, then do it… if you succeeded, then congratulations, and if not then say this: “I am a man. I am strong. I am not a kid and I have to face the fact that it is over”

This kind of affirmation cannot work if your subconscious mind is not convinced yet, however when you try to get your dream done or in other words try to get her back and then you fail, then this will help your subconscious mind know for sure that it is over and it is time to move on.

If you want something then go get it, and if you managed to get it, then good… Otherwise it is clear that you have to reach your main goal which is your happiness via another way or with other person than her.

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