Father’s Day Gift Ideas

10 Special Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Finding something unique that your dad will really appreciate can be difficult but with a little imagination and planning, you should be able to come up with the perfect gift idea.

If you do not have the time or money for a big project such as creating a den where your dad can go when he wants some alone time, there are many smaller gift ideas that are worth considering.

1. A Tool Belt

Every DIY dad loves his tools and a good quality belt that makes it easy to carry them around whenever he is working in the house is sure to be appreciated. You could even have one printed with a personal message to make it into an extra special present that nobody else will have thought of giving him this year.

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2. A Personalised T-Shirt

Whether you choose a traditional message, such as “world’s greatest dad”, or go for something a little more heartfelt is up to you but most fathers will be delighted to receive a special t-shirt that they can wear when they are working on their latest DIY projects. You can utilize the cotton t-shirt printing for your special gift.

3. A Workbench

Although it is quite likely that your father already has one of these, there is always room for an upgrade when it comes to do-it-yourself equipment and a first class bench is top of most men’s wish lists.

4. A Customised Coffee Mug

After a hard morning sanding down the walls so that they can be repainted, a fresh coffee, served in a mug with a personal message from his son or daughter could be just what your dad wants. Although time management is very important when tackling large DIY projects, regular breaks are more likely to help than hinder one’s progress so your father is sure to like a gift such as this.

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5. A Stylish Baseball Cap

If your father likes working outside or just relaxing in the sun on hot summer weekends, a baseball cap could be the ideal gift. If he has a favourite football or rugby team you can buy a hat from their club shop. If not, perhaps you could buy a plain cap and have it printed with a humorous message.

6. A Day at a Local Racing rack

Most men like to drive powerful cars but have to be careful when driving on public roads. Give your dad the chance to really see what he can do behind the wheel by booking a track day for him as a father’s day gift. If his own vehicle is not very fast, you should be able to find a package that includes the hire of a real speedster.

7. A Day Doing Absolutely Nothing

If you are a little short of cash this is an excellent choice of gift and one that any dad is sure to love. Take care of all his chores for the day, cook the whole family a tasty meal and do all the washing up afterwards. It might be a little tiring for you but your dad’s gratitude will make all your hard work worthwhile.

8. A Ticket for a Football Match

If your father is a keen footie fan, the chance to go and watch his favourite team play at the weekend is something that he will definitely appreciate. If you choose this gift idea, be sure to buy the ticket as early as possible as popular games tend to sell out very quickly.

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9. A Day at a Health Spa

It is not just women that enjoy being pampered so why not treat your dad to a day at a local spa that includes a professional massage and other treatments designed to make him feel at his most relaxed.

10. A New Power Drill

Every DIY enthusiast needs a good quality drill and if your dad’s equipment has seen better days this could be just what he needs.

Whatever you decide to buy your father, remember that it really is the thought that counts so do not worry if you only have a small amount of money to spend. Choose something special that shows how much you love him and you will not go far wrong.

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