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7 Easy Home Upgrades that Only Need Imagination and a Weekend

Fortunately, home warranty companies have policies that will cover major problems that need attention like appliances, leaving the homeowner with a wide variety of smaller improvements they can make to their home.

These little touches can make a world of difference in the aesthetics and ambiance of your home. The best part is that many changes can be made with little effort and at a fraction of the cost of a renovation. The following easy home upgrades add class and uniqueness to your home, creating the illusion that the improvement was more expensive and your house is worth more than it is in reality.

A Little Goes a Long Way in the Bedroom

A canopy over the bed makes a statement and gives the appearance that the entire bed set cost a pretty penny. This illusion can be easily conjured by installing shower curtain rods and hanging curtains as a faux canopy. The best part is, no one will be able to tell the difference!

Don’t Just Hang Drapes and Curtains, Style Them

hanging curtains and drapes tpis

Get creative and try different ways that the curtains can be displayed on the rod. Weave, knot, or loop drapes around and through each other to create a new look that captures the eye. The rod itself presents an opportunity for creativity. Use a curved shower rod instead of a traditional, straight curtain rod to hang floor length drapes in front of a window or double glass doors. Flowing curtains make the whole setup appear romantic and whimsical.

No More Boring Closet Doors

A plain closet door is serviceable, but unappealing and often overlooked when looking to upgrade a room. In fact, the closet offers a simple and cheap opportunity for the homeowner to add a unique touch. Add framed mirrors to the outside of the doors, but be sure the frames are painted to match the doors.

This trick can also be employed on the bathroom mirror. Remove the mirror and add a frame that either matches or compliments the bathroom decor. Re-hang the mirror taking care with the dimensions and other fixtures on the walls that may get in the way of the added width. The frames cover ugly edges that chip or peel. It costs significantly less than re-silvering a mirror or replacing it entirely.

Create a Welcoming Garage

A garage can be more than just a home for your car and it can be done with just a bit of organization. Take a weekend to clean out and organize the garage, utilizing shelves and decorative bins and buckets for storage. Use a welcome mat or rug on the concrete steps to make the space more inviting.

Paint Tricks Fool the Eye

Painting room walls

Accent walls were all the rage a few years back, but have been replaced by the accent ceiling. An accent ceiling gives a room all new dimensions and makes an impact when someone walks in for the first time. Another painting trick that fools the eye and distorts the dimensions of a room is painting the walls in the room only halfway up. Everything above waist level should remain white, almost like a glass that is half-full. The half-painted walls make the room look larger and the ceiling appear higher. This is especially helpful in a room that would otherwise look small.

Re-purpose Household Items in Unexpected Ways

Every home has bits and pieces lying around that are no longer used, are from an incomplete set, or they just don’t know what to do with them. Napkin rings are a great example of this and can be easily re-purposed as shower curtain rings! Napkin rings are usually more decorative and made from better materials, making them look extra expensive holding up a shower curtain.

Another item commonly accumulated in a home is costume jewelry and trinkets that serve little to no purpose other than taking up space in a random drawer. Brooches, clunky earrings, and other sturdy little pieces can be re-purposed as decorative drawer or cabinet handles. They give the appearance of being custom made, or expensive when, in reality, they were in an almost forgotten jewelry box.

Get a Bigger Rug for the Bedroom

Rugs in the bedroom tend to only cover a fraction of the floor and do little for the room as a whole. Buy or move a rug from another room that extends out past your bed when placed under it. The bed should sit comfortably in the middle of the rug without dwarfing the rug.

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