Things to avoid in a relationship

7 Things You Should Avoid Doing In A New Relationship

Being in a relationship is pleasant feeling. The excitement and the never-ending romance, can drive away all sort of monotony of the life. However, in the beginning of a relationship most men feel compelled to act and behave in a certain way. However, the fact for an enduring and lasting relation, you need to stay true to yourself.

Listed below are some of the aspects that you need to consider in the beginning of a new relationship. Check them out.

Not Being Yourself

The pressure of impressing the person you want in your life is immense. This may compel you to fake yourself and it may help you initially. However, it won’t help you in the long run. The person will surely find out the truth at some point of time and it may affect your relationship. So, it is better to stay truthful with the person you love, right from the beginning. You are not perfect and your partner should know this. At the same time, do not expect her to be perfect. There are positives and negatives in very person. It will be better if both you accept each other for the kind of a person you are.

Being Too Pushy

Give yourself and your partner the time to accept whatever is happening around. Being too pushy about the commitment is not the right way to pave your relationship. It is the love and understanding that matters, the commitment shall follow. Over analyzing the situation, being too judgmental as well as getting jealous for no reason may crash your togetherness even before it takes off. Give each other the space you require and let the destiny decide the rest. Being too bossy is not acceptable at any phase of the relationship. Give your partner the due respect and she won’t help falling in love with you.

Being too pushy

Getting Possessive

This is one of the basic behavior of men that tears apart most of the relationships. Feeling protective and concerned about the person you love and care is a good thing. But the care shouldn’t cross the limit. There is a very thin line between being protective and getting possessive. You need to draw the line at some point of time. Do not try to invade the personal space of your partner. Trust her and let her live the life with independence. You may want to spend as much time together as possible. But you need to strive a healthy balance between the ‘me time’ and the time you spend together.

Getting possessive

Being Judgmental

While usually the ladies are accused of being judgmental, men are equal culprits of the same. Even the gentleman can’t help judging the ladies around them. This is one attitude that you need to get rid of. There are things and behavioral attributes that need to be considered while there are things that can be ignored. Sticking to everything that’s happening around and everything that she does may take a toll on the relationship. So, take it easy and let few things be.

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What to avoid in a relationship

Taking The Dates Too Casually

The one thing that the ladies look in the man is the seriousness he has for the relationship. This is the reason they want the dates to be perfect and memorable. A shabbily dressed man at a date night is always a turn-off, especially when you have just started dating. Improving your personal style is important when it comes to dating a woman. Dress wisely and indulging into self-grooming when you are to take her out. This will not just make her feel special, but is even a matter of basic etiquette.

Taking the dates too casually

Avoiding The Serious Issues

While the idea is to keep it slow and steady, there are times when she would want to indulge into serious talks. Every now and then the discussion of future planning and taking the relationship further will pop up. Ignoring it every time will project a negative image. Do not get out of the such discussion all the time. Talk to her and listen to what she wants to say. In case, you are not very sure about it, tell her that you don’t think it’s the right time to talk commitment and stuff like that. There is no situation that cannot be talked out of.

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Avoiding the serious issues

Giving Up Your Independence

Whether you are still trying the find soul mate in the person or you are absolutely sure that you have found ‘the one’, giving up your independence is not a good idea. While it is advisable for men not to be possessive, it is equally important to find time for yourself. Do not forget your friends and family in the process of impressing the girl.

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