dubai the new destination for food lovers

Dubai’s New Frontier for Food Lovers

The progressive city of Dubai has always been a fertile ground for food businesses. Whether you’re searching for traditional fare or fusion cuisine, you surely will not have a difficult time finding an establishment that can cater to your preference.

And over the last 10 years, the city has exploded with new destinations for grub, presenting even more tantalizing flavors from different parts of the globe and trendy innovations from today’s hyper-creative chefs.

If you’re looking for a relatively new spot that has it all, Bazxar Dubai is the place to go. It regularly attracts a huge crowd not only because it’s hip yet sophisticated, but also because it boasts of a menu honed by the finest techniques, and made exciting by the shake-things-up attitude of Chef Izu Ani (former head chef of La Petite Maison and La Serre). When you come here, you can expect a gastronomic experience like no other.

This top destination for foodies continues to grow the number of its loyal patrons with its exciting menu that frequently changes to accommodate the newly perfected recipes of the restaurant’s taste development team. This is what sets it apart from other restaurants; the chef makes sure their offerings never grow stale, and as such, they’re always reinventing their menu. This then sparks joy and enthusiasm in customers, particularly those who love discovering new tastes.

All-Day Goodness

Furthermore, Bazxar serves customers throughout the day. It is known for preparing Saturday picnic brunch; from elaborate brekkie bundles for those who have the luxury of time, to filling grab-and-go sandwiches for busy folks who have a lot ahead of them for the day.

sandwich on the go

It also offers delicious selections for lunch and dinner. You can take a trip around the globe with all the dishes included in their lunch and dinner menus. And of course, expect to enjoy every morsel of your meals because the restaurant only uses prime local and imported ingredients to ensure gastronomic satisfaction.

Plus, for those who wish to really unwind after a hard day’s work, Bazxar offers craft cocktails using the finest liquor and spirits.

Social Nights

The restaurant also creates events to take nighttime socialization to a whole new level. Social hours run from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. every night. It’s the perfect opportunity to hang out with friends over gourmet dishes and specials on drinks.

Every Wednesday is men’s night. “A Gentleman’s Pursuit” dedicates the middle of the week to urban males. The restaurant invites connoisseurs of their craft to engage guests in intellectually stimulating conversations over food and drinks. This presents another new experience to dining, which a lot of men are actually looking for.

Dubai Social Nights

Sundays, meanwhile, are for the ladies with complimentary wine. After the grind of a work week, ladies can let loose and feast at Bazxar’s “Gossip Night.” There’s nothing women love more than having fun and meaningful conversations over fine food, and Bazxar is ready to cater.

And for the time of Ramadan, the restaurant will be hosting Iftar. Families and friends can gather for an inspired Iftar menu that is the perfect mix of the best dishes suitable for the occasion and traditional drinks.

You can also cheese it out every day. Creating sophisticated gatherings is a daily affair here, too, with “Cellar N’ Cheese.” From 4 p.m. onwards and for only 175 AED, you and your friends can relax while perfectly pairing an assortment of cheeses with wine. This is a popular affair and many come to the restaurant specifically to sample various cheeses from different parts of the world.

An Ambiance Compatible with the Gastronomic Selection

Bazxar has been designed in a way that everybody can feel comfortable in it. The deconstructed, industrial interior created by the award- winning Bishop Design makes the place less intimidating as it blends perfectly with the colorful, global and innovative menu. Every single element of the interior design was carefully thought of to truly elevate the dining experience.

Dubai is a wonderful place to satisfy your taste buds

Indeed, Dubai is a wonderful place to satisfy your taste buds. It won’t fail you with its world-class restaurants that aren’t afraid to push the envelope with their bold menu. When you come here, it’s going to be like exploring a new frontier for food in terms of taste, presentation, ingredients, and cooking techniques.

Author Bio: Kunal founded Bazxar in the DIFC. Social. Sophisticated. Grab and go. Stop and chat. A cuisine fired by passion, authenticity and above all, flavour – always flavour. Set within an award-winning design of steel, wood and brass that connects every eating space with the most exciting bar in the city, it looks, feels and tastes like nowhere else in Dubai. And every time you step inside, you’ll find there’s a new experience waiting for you. Find Bazxar on Facebook and on Twitter.


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