Best Rules For Texting Your New Crush

Best Rules For Texting Your New Crush

Seeking to text your mate, but not sure about the type of messages? Lean on a safer side and follow the tips on how to text your new crush. Nothing would appear awful once you have gone through the list. In fact, you would be in a better position to have a date with her.

Text a Simple Question

If you desire a reply from the other end, you should always offer a reason to reply. Be a good conversation starter by asking a simple question. It could just about his or her whereabouts or something related to what’s happening in life. You could probably ask ‘How are you getting along with your Spanish classes?’. Never be shy but let them know that you have shown interest.

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Never Wait for the Phone

If your crush replies back, then it’s great. But, you can’t do anything better to make everything happen sooner. Never be a creepy person who stares at a smartphone constantly with an expectation of receiving a message. This actually sounds weird and your parents would soon be finding out what you’re up to. Instead, engage yourself in an activity you like most. It could be reading a novel or playing a musical instrument. Keep your phone a distance apart and never feel compelled to pick it up when you’re free.

Don’t Text Twice in One Go

Always slow down especially when you are chatting with a new friend. Once you have sent a message, don’t send another one immediately. Rather, you should wait for the reply. Two messages one after the other can convey different feelings. If the person is not your close friend, then she might think that you’re desperate and stalkerish. Besides, too many messages can actually irritate the person no matter what she might be doing.

Keep Going with the Chat

There’s every chance that your friend would reply to your text. But, you shouldn’t wait more because an instant reply really works. You would not only keep things rolling by but also gauge where the chat leads you. In case the response comprises of more than a word answer or there’s a delay in replying, then you should stay still. End the chat, and give a buzz the following day. Probably, your crush is sending you signals that the conversation should be wrapped up. On the other hand, she might be eager to talk instead of texting all the time.

Follow Up Face-to-Face

Texting is a great idea to connect because it’s never a nerve-racking ordeal. But, remember that relationships can’t be strengthened on messages alone. If you happen to meet the girl somewhere near your house, then approach her and carry on with the conversation. It’s very much different when you talk face-to-face. You can actually express more through body language which wasn’t possible virtually.

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Check Her Interest

Does your mate ping you all of a sudden? Are you are a person who loves texting your crush once you grab your cell phone? If that’s the case, then you should know that your crush is messaging you to relieve her boredom. She might be showing politeness and not be thinking about you when you’re not by her side. In such a situation, you should refrain from sending texts for a few days. If your phone doesn’t vibrate with messages, then you better not fix a date.

Memorize a Joke

It’s always best to make someone’s day by sending a joke. While laughter would make your mate comfortable, you would always know how to fill a pause. Additionally, when someone sends an emoticon in return, you would be taking the text game a level ahead. She would always know that you aren’t a boring person but someone who takes things in your stride.

Never Get Addicted

As you keep the flow, you should never text your friend all the time. Though messaging might not cost you a dime, bugging her all throughout the day leaves a bad impression. You would have nothing to talk when you are off for the next date. But, don’t be someone who pings ‘Hi Wassup??’ Try using different phrases or create a scene to check if the girl is really interested in you. Tickle her with sentences like ‘I wish we were having dinner under a starry night.’

Conquer Your Mate’s Heart

Finally, always keep the ball in your court by sounding naughty and texting something kinky. Flatter your mate with sentences like ‘You looked like an angel on that romantic date’. Focus on how you should build the relationship. Avoid talking about a novel you recently read. As you speak about the world, you would be derailing from the prime objective. Don’t get into an argument just like you would fight with a shopkeeper. Move on with stuff that’s interesting to you and the girl. Think million times while sending dirty images. You shouldn’t be the one to embarrass when it’s for the first time.

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