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Tips and Tactics to Generating Business Leads using Dynamics 365

In this league of fast growing business competition in all the sectors of the economy, organizations need to keep themselves up on their toes and provide their potential customers with the best of products and services all the times. But generating good leads and further converting them into loyal customers is the hardest part. Approximately 80% of the companies claim that their marketing tools are hardly any effective and hence, they fail to get the exact business leads they project every year during their board meetings.

This is exactly where using the right tips, tactics, and tools for generating guaranteed leads come into the picture. But before that, let’s understand what a lead is and why is it important.

1. Lead and Its Importance

Lead is usually a person or entity who expresses interest in a company’s product or service. Lead generation, on the other hand, means the process of attracting these people/entities to invest in the company’s business venture in any form.

While there are many objectives attached behind lead generation, for most companies the definition involves increasing revenue and serving a larger customer base as their business grows old. Lead generation also helps in channelizing the efforts of sales team – focusing on the productive leads rather than cold calling or prospecting.

Tips for business leads

2. Tools to Increase Leads

Today, technology is serving as the one-stop destination for finding solutions to all problems, even marketing & sales challenges as a matter of fact. Microsoft Dynamics 365 with Marketing Automation Solution serve as two powerful tools that help attract more leads than before and even convert them into profit-boring loyal customers. Microsoft Dynamics Company with its revolutionary products has helped many companies grow their leads in the past and promises to do so in future as well.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 – Industry experts claim that Dynamics is a great tool for holding inbound inquiries until they qualify or non-qualify as prospect leads. The Microsoft Dynamics Company product further helps in tracking the source of leads and follows their progress as the company gets into business with them. Advanced finds and dynamic marketing lists of Dynamics 365 allow the users to examine the leads generated and prepare data for future use.

Marketing Automation Platform – This is another way of getting leads for the business. With the expansive features of this tool, like email marketing, campaign automation, web intelligence, forums and more, it allows a venture to generate leads efficiently. Marketing automation further allows collecting information about the leads when they pay a visit to an organization’s website. This helps in knowing their interest and hence, more effective marketing strategies can be designed and implemented in converting them into useful business prospects.

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3. Tips and Tactics

Lead generation marketing

The below-given tips and tactics help in resonating leads and converting them into prospective loyal customers.

  • Email Marketing – No matter if one intends to promote a business, an education fair, or a newly launched café, according to many surveys, about 81% of customers react to emails than other known sources of business marketing. Emails are pieces of essential information, written crisply, that aid in luring customers to the host company’s products and services.
  • Content Marketing – The phrase of “Content is King” stands true in all respects. People today, wish to educate themselves on everything they engage themselves into. Hence, if done correctly content marketing inspires customers to take action, further become an organization’s valuable resource.
  • Events – Many surveys also state that nearly 74% of the people who attend an event have had a positive opinion about the company, its brand, products, and services. In-person or online, small or large, events make for one of the most attractive ways of promoting a brand in the market. Also, their percentage of lead conversions are much higher than most known marketing tools.
  • Website – Websites have become an integral part of everyone’s lives today, and it’s no surprise that they serve as the backbone of successful lead generation strategies – attractive landing pages, installing forms, informative user interface and implementation of good SEO.
  • Advertising – Advertising quite matches to the phrase – Old Wine in a New Bottle! An old school technique, advertising even today, is an important part of lead generation strategy. Pay-per-click ads, display ads, and native advertising are the popular means.
  • Social Media – This makes for the “New Age” marketing tool that seems to be overtaking all the above-mentioned marketing means. Social media has become an integral part of our lives and hence, promoting a brand, product or service through this platform helps generate leads higher than many of the listed tactics here.
  • Direct Mail – Certainly an outdated tactic, sending direct or personalized emails also helps in generating leads on businesses. The hard part here is to create a compelling email content which touches the heart of the reader and makes him/her take action in the positive direction.

To conclude, finding the right tools and tactics for generating leads in an important manner is a difficult task. Deciding, in advance, a strategy can effectively help in reducing the load and further aid to the success of the business.

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